Aggressive Venice Ducks

I took Zach to the park this morning. We weren’t ready for a group of aggressive local Venice ducks to be there. I tried to be friendly and talk to them, but they didn’t say anything back, and just gave me the stink eye.

Aggressive Venice Ducks 1

"Whatcha looking at?"

Before I knew it, a couple of ducks chased Zach off.

Aggressive Venice Ducks 2

"Get the kid, he's got a banana."

Now it seemed the leader wanted Zach’s brand new Crocs.

Aggressive Venice Ducks 3

"These shoes are mine now. Just walk away."

And he wasn’t planning on sharing his newly-claimed shoes with his friends.

Aggressive Venice Ducks 4

"That's right, keep walking."

With sadness, we felt forced to leave the local park we have frequented many times in Zach’s three years of life. Definitely look out for these ducks if you frequent the canal park in Venice, I don’t want any other families to go through what we just experienced. And especially look out for a duck wearing green Crocs.

Aggressive Venice Ducks 5

"I said, beat it!"

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2 thoughts on “Aggressive Venice Ducks

  1. After being chased & bitten by a gang of ducks as a small child, I have an illogical fear of them as an adult. They’re not as innocent as people think!
    Wishing you many successful, duck-free park visits in the future.

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